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San Diego Regional 2019 Recap

By: Farrah Kaiyom

Our team competed at the San Diego Regional with 46 other FRC teams, which took place from March 6th to March 9th at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

Throughout the competition, we had multiple issues including battery and communication issues. After we smoothed out those kinks, we were able to score both hatches and cargo extremely efficiently. We ended our qualification matches with a record of 9-1-0 and went into alliance selection as the 5th seed. We were picked by the first seeded Team 987 HIGHROLLERS and went on to pick Team 6995 NOMAD as our second alliance member.

During our elimination matches, we dealt with more communication issues. Latency and camera issues plagued out first few matches. Fortunately, we won both of our quarterfinal matches. Although we lost our first semi final match, we managed to win the next two matches to move onto the finals. In the finals, our first match was a success before dropping the second match to the 6th seeded alliance. Regardless of the opposing alliance’s aggressive defense, we pulled off a win by 14 points and bring home our second blue banner.

We are extremely happy with the performance of our robot as well as our overall team performance. We were given the Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors, and one of our Dean’s List nominees advanced as a finalist.

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