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Fleet Week 2018 Recap

By: Charles "Chuckles" Bao

At the beginning of this month, our team dived into this year’s LA Fleet week, a four day celebration of our nation’s navy and armed forces. On September 1st, our team attended Battleship Blast, an offseason event attended by teams from southern California. We went up to the competition for two days, bringing with us our drive, build, scouting, and programming team. We were also able to bring our competition robot, which featured many new improvements. The cube intake featured an improved design, allowing us to rotate cubes, making them easier to place. The new intake also featured a wrist, which gave us another degree of motion when moving the cubes.

At Fleet week, we got to work with plenty of teams from southern California. We joined forces with the Friarbots (3309) and team JetStream (2710), and emerged as victors of the first day of the competition. As the winners of the competition that day, our team won our first blue banner. On our second and last day of competition, we entered the finals with team Friarbots (3309) and the Tru Blu Patriots (2496). Our team, despite unfortunate technical issues with the robot, was still able to place as the best overall team of the entire competition. The whole event was an amazing experience, filled with many great matches and moments. Battleship Blast was a fantastic way to end our summer offseason competitions and pave the way into our fall competitions.

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