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Build Team

Our build team is dedicated to designing and then building the robot for that years event. They make a 3-D representation of the robot using SolidWorks and use that plan to actually create the robot. In order to build the robot, the build team uses various machinery such as the CNC mill, lathe, bandsaw, and the 3D printer. They also create prototypes for various parts of the robot to test each of the aspects of the robot. During build season, they are responsible for the completion of both the practice and competition robot by the six-week deadline.

Programmers Programing.jpg

Programming Team

Our programming team is dedicated to programming the actions of the robot during the autonomous and player controlled phases of the competition. Every single algorithm that our robot uses is derived from the programming team's hard work during build season. They are also consistently involved with the debugging of any faulty code during competition. After build season, the team shifts their attention to off-season projects and instructing new members about programming. The programming team currently uses Java to program the robots. 


Electrical Team

Our electrical team is committed to perfecting the wiring on our robot. Throughout build season, they are responsible for wiring the robot and making sure communications between the sensors and the roboRIO are working. The electrical team works in sync with the build team during build season to ensure that the robot's components are all functioning properly and the wiring is done neatly.


Design Team

The design team is chiefly responsible for designing and planning out the robot parts during the team's build season. The design team uses CAD to design the parts and they are not required to have any prior knowledge. they work closely with the build and electrical team to successfully create our robot each year. 


Media Team

The media team is responsible for maintaining the team's image on and off the field. They maintain the teams' media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and the parent newsletter. They take photos of the team and robot during the competitions.  They design the merch for each season with a different design each year.                               


Outreach Team

The outreach team is chiefly responsible for developing outreach programs and spreading STEM based ideals. They have established an FLL team at a local elementary school, and have also established an engineering club at Casa de Amistad. In addition to creating the events, the outreach team also works to make sure that all members take a part in these events. The team also updates our team's status through social media.

Robotics-Beach Blitz_20231105_125758JAD_7725.jpeg

Scouting Team

The scouting team is responsible for managing the alliances with other teams as well as analyzing the data collected during the competition.  This team is usually the most outgoing members of our team, and are always mingling with other teams. 


Business Team

The finance team works throughout the year to find sponsors and have fundraisers. They are always in close communication with corporations in order to request sponsorships and also reach out to local restaurants to have fundraisers. They formulate Team 3647's business plan and also are responsible for the Entrepreneurship award.

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