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Our Robots


2024 - "Droopy McCool"

For the 2024 season, our team designed a robot that shoots foam rings, called notes. This robot comes equipped with 6 cameras that detect the playing field and game pieces around it to pivot a shooter automatically.


2023 - "Bill"

Bill was one of our off-season competition robots during the 2023 "Charged Up" event. While not participating in the 2023 on-season competitions, Bill would go on to create a legacy of his own through winning the Tidal Tumble off-season competition.


2023 - "AV7"

For the 2023 season, our team designed a robot with an extendable arm. The arm utilizes its intake system to grab the cones and cubes to fill the grid. This year, our team decided to use a swerve drive train to better navigate the field and charge station.


2022 - "BB8"

During the 2022 offseason, our team designed a brand new robot . It is a mini robot that has a swerve drive train. It has a new intake system, and the shooter allows the robot to score in the upper hub. It was brought to Tidal Tumble 2022 where it ranked 16 among the 31 robots.


2022 - "Ewok"

For the 2022 season, our team participated in the FIRST Rapid React competition. We designed a brand new robot to complete every task given in this new event. Our climber has two sets of arms, because of this, the robot is able to climb the rungs and complete a traversal hang. Our shooter is able to shoot into the upper hub as well, allowing our robot to score more points.


2020/2021 - "The Senate"

For the 2020 season, our team participated in the FIRST Infinite Recharge competition. We designed a brand new robot with an intake system to collect balls in order to shoot them at the targets for points. Due to COVID-19, the 2020 season was sadly cut short. Because of the incomplete season, the 2021 season was Infinite Recharge as well, so the robot remained relatively the same. 


2019 - "Maul"

For the 2019 season, our team designed an entirely new robot to take on the challenges of the FIRST Deep Space competition. Our robot is designed to accomplish every task in this year’s competition.  One of the proudest additions to our robot is the arm and intake system. It's design allows it to pick up both balls and hatches and flip the game pieces to the other side of our robot. The ability to flip the arm around allowed us to score both forwards and backwards which decreased our cycle times. Inspired by "Darth Maul's" double sided lightsaber. (2).jpg

2018 - "Darth Elevader"

Our 2018 robot, Darth Elevader, was designed to efficiently score on the scale. We knew that if we could score on the scale, we would be able to score in the switch, exchange, and be able to climb by attaching hooks onto our elevator. Our forks combined with our lift-up mechanism allowed up to be one of the top duo climb robots as we were able lift other robots consistently. Our shifting gearbox allowed us to lift heavy loads using our elevator. (1).jpg

2017 - "General Gearvous"

Our 2017 robot, General Gearvous, focused on cycling gears and climbing. Our unique spatula and clamp contraption allowed us to pick up gears from both the ground and the loading station. Its powerful drivetrain combined with a closed loop PID using encoders allowed us to maneuver across the field incredibly quickly and incredibly gracefully. Our dual 775 pro climber climbed the rope incredibly fast.

2016 - "Sir L.D."

Our 2016, Sir L.D., robot had an arm that allowed us to aim the boulders at both the high and low goal. Dual flywheels propelled the boulders with immense speed. A powerful drivetrain enabled us to cross over defenses with ease. At the end of each match, our dual piston climber allowed us to scale the tower easily. (3).jpg

2015 - FIRST Recycle Rush

Recycle Rush is the 2015 FIRST Robotics Competition game. It involves picking up and stacking totes on scoring platforms, putting pool noodles (“litter”) inside recycling containers, and putting the containers on top of scoring stacks of totes. There is also a coopertition aspect of the game where both alliances of teams can pool their totes and stack them on a step dividing the field to each gain twenty points. Along with these robot actions, human players can attempt to throw the pool noodles across the field to gain four points for each noodle left in the opposing alliance’s work zone. (4).jpg

2014 - FIRST Aerial Assist

Aerial Assist is the 2014 FIRST Robotics Competition game. Teams of three robots play by passing large 20″ diameter exercise balls between each other and eventually scoring them in goals at the end of the field. Robots can pass the balls over a truss that spans the field for extra points.


2013 - FIRST Ultimate Ascent

Our 2013 robot could intake and outtake Frisbees at incredible speeds and accuracy. Our robot competed in the San Diego Regional in the 2013 season. In Ultimate Ascent, teams of three robots each collect Frisbees and shoot them into goals of varying heights. There is also a pyramid which can be climbed at the end of the match for bonus points. (5).jpg

2012 - FIRST Rebound Rumble

Rebound Rumble is the 2012 FIRST Robotics Competition game. It is styled similarly to basketball our robot could manipulate and shoot 8″ foam baskeballs into four hoops on each side of the field. Alliances battle it out to score the most basketballs. At the end of the match, robots must balance on bridges to gain bonus points. During qualification matches, a special Coopertition bridge can be used to gain extra qualification points.


2011 - "The Guillotine"

Our team was founded in 2011 and competed in the 2011 FRC Season. The 2011 game was FIRST - Logo Motion.  The original members of the team and our original robot kicked off one of the greatest programs to start at Torrey Pines High School.

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