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Klint Kirkconnell

Lead Mentor

As our main mentor, Klint is present at all meetings and all competitions. Not only does he provide priceless knowledge about building, SolidWorks, and business, he also mentors the team on a much more personal level. He provides us with snacks, drinks, and dinners, rides to and from competitions, and the valuable time he could just as easily spend elsewhere. He is, by far, one of the biggest supports our team has and we are very grateful for all his help and guidance. It is impossible to imagine our team without him.


Klaus Gubernator




Before coming to our team, Klaus has worked as a Chemist and also been involved with youth projects around San Diego for the past 15 years. From Speech and Debate to FIRST Lego League, Klaus has given a large part of his life to educating students. After joining our team in the spring of 2022, Klaus has helped our team in a multitude of ways that we've never imagined he could. From helping us with fun raising to upgrade our pit and workspace to giving leadership advice to even planning large team events, there's almost nothing Klaus couldn't do. Currently a board member at the Del Mar Rotary Club, Klaus has also been integral to our relationship to the Rotary Clubs of San Diego and their gracious support. We are very thankful for his dedication and help. 


Guy Nir


Guy Nir is an Alumni! He aids students in creating our amazing robots


Ryan Reed


Ryan Reed is an Alumni! He attended UCSB for his bachelor's in ME, and now attends UCSD for his masters in ME. He aids students in creating our amazing robots by helping with electrical and build. 




Don is a mentor who works as an Engineer for Nordson. His experience during build season is extremely valuable, and you will be hard pressed to find a day during build season where he is not present. He is always proving to be a helpful mentor during those 6 weeks.


Larry the Lizard


Larry the Lizard is our oldest mentor. He has witnessed the growth of our team from the beginning. He is a greatly appreciated and is a being that the team loves and cherishes.

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