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We are proud to have our code fully open source throughout our build season for anyone to look at, utilize, and/or build upon our code on Github. We are especially proud of our Limelight Vision Targeting code that we use to interface with Limelight 2 camera.

Team Handbook

All members must read the team handbook and understand the rules and regulations for behavior, as members represent the team at all times. Information on the duties of the heads, among many other important informational premises, are located in the Team Handbook.

Training Google Drive

Team 3647 prides itself on ensuring that all team members have access to the materials they need to understand how any aspect of robotics they wish. Any student who wishes to find any of the official Team 3647 learning material, whether it be for programming, build, CAD, electrical, or anything else, can find it here.

Business Plan

The Business Plan is the cumulative document of or team's finances. It explains how our team is funded, how tiers work, what our money goes to, and all aspects and purposes of our Finance Team. Any member of the team can look over the business plan and understand how our financial's work.

Branding Standards

The Team Branding Standards is the outline for how all team logos, banners, and any other media should be portrayed. Any member of Media Team should should read the Branding Standards to properly portray team imagery.


To increase transparency between parents and students, our team began putting together monthly newsletters to show how the team operates and summarize notable events of each month. Newsletters are usually sent out after competitions during offseason, and once every 2 weeks during build season.

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