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Technobotic Dolphins: FLL Team Founded

By: Derek Rusher

Team 3647 is proud to announce the foundation of the Technobotic Dolphins, an FLL Team at Del Mar Heights School, an elementary school near Team 3647's High School. The Team will mentor the kids in the upcoming FLL build season to help them work together, form strong bonds as a team, and, of course, preform well. 

This year's prompt for FLL is Hydrodynamics, a water themed game where Teams will have to prioritize completing certain tasks themed with water recovery. Repairing water pipes, carrying water containers from place to place, and other eco-savvy tasks are included. Teams must also complete challenges in front of judges to display cohesive teamwork and gracious professionalism. They also must develop and present a water saving solution for the real world. Teams are scored based on a combination of performances in each of these areas. 

We will mostly be involved in the robot game creation, but also will help as mock judges for the kids to complete challenges and present for. We will be mentoring for 2 hours every Tuesday and Thursday until the end of their season.