Klint Kirkconnell

Lead Mentor

As our main mentor, Klint is present at all meetings and all competitions. Not only does he provide priceless knowledge about building, SolidWorks, and business, he also mentors the team on a much more personal level. He provides us with snacks, drinks, and dinners, rides to and from competitions, and the valuable time he could just as easily spend elsewhere. He is, by far, one of the biggest supports our team has and we are very grateful for all his help and guidance. It is impossible to imagine our team without him.


Alex Grant

Technical Mentor

Through a large grant from the National Science Foundation, Alex is designing a lightweight electro-mechanical system that is to autonomously navigate between crop rows and measure growth indicators of a given crop. Collecting stalk size, plant height, leaf angle and inflorescence over time will give us a better understanding of environmental interactions that impact growth and production. Alex has been in FIRST since 2009, starting as a student on team 3042 and then going on to mentor team 3928 before joining our team.


Jonathan Tator

Engineering Teacher

Mr. Tator is a CAD and engineering teacher at Torrey Pines High School. He helps manage the club and make decisions for the club. He comes in whenever he can and is very dedicated to the club. He helps spread awareness for STEM through the club and through his CAD/Fabrication and Engineering classes. He helps with recruitment, woodworking, design, CAD, and school relations.


Fely Parker


Fely has had experience with FIRST through her FLL and FTC days. She brings her experience with FIRST to help us with our goal of spreading FIRST and the FIRST values. She also helps us get our word out through her work as an NBC director which greatly helps us in our mission to bring more attention to STEM education.


Debbie Weiler


Debbie works as a nurse and helps make sure that we are safe while we work in our shop. She provides first aid assistance whenever any of our students are injured. We often joke about how she is the team mom because of how hards she works to make sure we are healthy and safe and because of the delicious baked good she brings in.




Don is a mentor who works as an Engineer for Nordson. His experience during build season is extremely valuable, and you will be hard pressed to find a day during build season where he is not present. He is always proving to be a helpful mentor during those 6 weeks.


Paul Breed


Paul Breed is a new mentor who has taken his experience with rocketry, aviation, drones, and remote control vehicles to good use by volunteering his time in the room. He helps give the team direction and is incredibly helpful during manufacturing. His valuable experience is versatile and applicable to almost any field, and his guidance is greatly appreciated.


Nicole Martindale

Junior Mentor

Before joining the team as a mentor, Nicole was the President of Team 3647. She has experience in a plethora of mechanical aspects, but more importantly her ability to organize outreach events, find financial opportunities, and create a cohesive club unity are crucial to the operation of our team. After graduating high school, she began attending college at UCSD and now dedicates her extra time to mentoring the team.


Larry the Lizard

Senior Mentor

Larry the Lizard was a founding mentor. He has been on the team through rough times and has helped lift our spirits. He has hung from our ceiling since day 1 and has been a guiding leader and strong role model for all of us. Our team truly would not be the same without Larry the Lizard.